Tuesday, 9 October 2012

September favourites!

 Clockwise from top left: Bamli lipbalm,  MAC Painterly paint pot, Laura Mercier Secret concealer "1", Bobbi Brown corrector in "light bisque",  MAC charcoal brown eyeshadow

Only a few favourites this month. I moved back to uni, went to scotland for a holiday and started my last year at uni! I kept my make up pretty simple. If you saw my last beauty haul you might notice one product i bought there that made it in to my favourites, i'm trying out the rest still so you might see them in my October favourites! 

Balmi lipbalm: I bought this on 26th September and instantly fell in love. Its everything i wish an EOS lipbalm was! Its smooth and moisturisng and great for on the go. I use it every day. 

MAC Painterly paint pot: Whenever i don't have time for eyeshadow or can't be bothered with it i'll put this all over my eyelids. It's a great neutral colour and looks like i have nothing on. It corrects the discolouring on my lids and is a go to for any "no makeup" look i want! 

MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow: So many people use this for filling in their brows but i love this for a crease colour, its matt and is great for definition!

Bobbi Brown Light Bisque corrector and Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in shade "1": Now that i'm back in uni i don't get to lie in every day and my dark circles got worse. This is my dark circle combat duo, i don't know what i'd do without them! I put the corrector on first and then the concealer. I love both of them & will always repurchase! 

What are your favourites? 
Becky xoxo 


  1. I need to try one of MAC's paint pots! Painterly looks so pretty


    1. Yeh its great! Bare study is wonderful too! xx

  2. i need a new lip balm... maybe i'll try that one. Is it sticky...? My bf hates it when i wear lip balms, but i'm addicted~~


  3. Bobbi Brown Light Bisque corrector is one of the best make-up products ever created, i've been wanting to get a full size :) great favourites! xo

  4. These product reviews are amazing, thank you!