Thursday, 29 November 2012

7 happy things in 7 days

Oh dear little blog, I have been neglecting you. Third year is tough work on top of the stress of deciding what to do after uni. I promise i'll try to be better. 

I absolutely adore ciderwithrosie's blog and her posts "10 things that have made me happy this week" so i thought i'd start my own version so that i still look for the good even though i spend most of the time being stressed. 

1.) Watching a film with George when he turns and says "I love you Becky." There's something about hearing your name tacked on to the end of 'I love you' that makes it extra rare and special and it gave me the warm fuzzies :-) 
2.) Seeing the delight on housemates number 1's face when housemate number 3 won a prize on a raffle at an event we went to and picked the coffee maker he had been drooling over for weeks and gave it to him as a present. She's such a lovely girl :) The amount of time the 7 of us in my house had spent talking about that coffee maker, it was only fair that it came home with us! 
3.) Housemate number 3 being even more lovely and buying me chocolate when my interview didn't go well! 
4.) Making tacos with george for the first time and them tasting reallyyy yummy. 
5.) Strictly come dancing makes my weekend- i'm that sad that i refuse to do anything else but sit in front of the TV every saturday evening. Take Me Out is always put on afterwards- you have to love a bit of trashy tv.  
6.) Housemate number 5 coming out of the funk he'd been in for the past few weeks, actually talking to us again and being his happy self :) 
7.) The first baby to be born in my family since me arrived last week. Welcome to the family baby Rosie!