Sunday, 30 September 2012

Where have i been/ where am i going?

So i had my first week back of lectures at uni this week. I'm kind of overwhelmed with the whole "third year" thing at the moment! I can't wait to graduate but first i have to get through this year!

I normally post on tuesday and fridays! I had the long over due Liebster blog award post due for this friday but i wasn't finished/ happy with it so took it off the schedule leaving me with no friday blog post! :-( I'm sorry!

I also have found it hard finding the time to dedicate to blogging at the moment! This friday alone i had 9-5 straight in uni with no gaps! It was a crazy day! Plus i've been spending time with my boyfriends family as they've travelled up here this weekend to spend time with family before his brother goes off to Afghanistan (he's in the army btw!) And now to top it all off i feel really ill in a strange way that i've never felt before so not sure where its come from or how to treat it!

So i've been super busy with uni and trying to adapt to a new schedule and new demands- i have so much more self-motivated studying to do this year. I also find it hard to find decent lighting for photos here. It rains a lot here and its getting darker as winter draws closer and i have a skylight window in my room which isnt as good for photos as my window at home is!

I know this sounds like a lot of excuses and i really don't want to stop blogging but for now you might just have to bear with me as i try to adapt and manage my time! I love blogging and its still a priority but i might not be posting as often/ to a schedule for a bit if thats ok!

Hope everyone is doing well! Let me know if you're struggling with a new school year or anything! I'd love to hear from you all :D

Much love
Becky xxx

p.s i do have photos for a haul and for a lipstick post so keep your eyes peeled but when i'll get round to writing them who knows!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My newest skincare love! The No. 7 Beautiful Skin Range!

I've stuck with my Simple moisturiser for so long now (pictured above) and i've never had any problems. The main thing i look for in the skincare products i use is whether they'll break me out or not! But when No. 7 skin care was 3 for 2 a few weeks ago i decided to give something new a go. I purchased some more of the Cleansing Water which i love, along with the day and night creams from the 'Beautiful Skin' range. The Beautiful Skin range has 3 lines which between them cover all skin types from dry to oily! My ones are aimed at those with normal to oily skin which is me all over. 

First of all i have to say, the difference these have made to my skin is amazing! They don't make my skin break out any more than normal, nor do they clear it up (but i don't have huge spot problems anyways so all's good as long as that stays the same!) But what they do do is make my skin almost glow and look better and more healthy than it has done ever! I now find myself reaching for more light weight foundations and glowy finishes!

They have the same scent as the cleansing water, just a very clean non-offensive scent that i don't mind having on my face! I thought i'd find it too much of a faff to use 2 separate moisturisers but its made me see the importance of moisturising your skin in the right way! 

(L:Day cream, R: Night cream)

When i first opened the tubs i thought they were the wrong way round! The day cream appears to be really thick, with the night cream appearing thinner. But it means i use less day cream and so it sinks in faster meaning i'm able to put make up on faster after application. Its also really nice to put a good helping of the night cream on without feeling like i'm drowning in cream! My night cream is definitely running out faster than the day one but i can see each pot lasting me a good few months at least!     

All in all i really rate these creams and will definitely be repurchasing. They can seem pricey at £12.50 for the day cream (50ml) and £13.50 for the night cream (50ml) but play your cards right and you can get them on 3 for 2 or boots are always doing £5 No 7 vouchers! 

What do you think of No 7 products? Have you tried any of their skin care? 

Becky xoxo 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Freshers as a third year

Oh god i'm a third year. When did this happen? I'm so old... 

Freshers as a first year was pretty incredible. I went out quite a lot despite 9am starts the next day. I met new people, i went to new clubs, i moved to a new city 3 1/2 hours away from home. Yes it was scary but it was so exciting. I never wanted to miss out on anything. 

Freshers as a second year was different. I had my friends, I moved into a student house, i went out a few times, i went back and forth between domino's stands at the freshers fair getting free pizza for lunch. Life was quite nice. 

Freshers as a third year.. God i'm fed up. I'm fed up of the people handing flyers out- JUST LET ME WALK DOWN THE ROAD IN PEACE!! I want a sign that says "i'm a third year. Go away." I never made it to the freshers fair- which only lasted 2 days this year. I've gone out once so far and really didn't like it. I've never seen a club more cramped. No matter how much i drank as soon as i stepped on the dance floor all my efforts went into avoiding being pushed over and staying upright that i sobered up so quickly. I've also got no time for people who go to clubs to get with other people. I've got no desire to ever be part of that part of clubbing culture (good job i'm not single really.) I've also been having a bout of insomnia, leaving me grumpy and quite frankly knackered. My room's a mess which makes me more grumpy but i don't seem to have the time or effort to tidy. I've had clashes with my course modules so can't do all the ones i want to, and the department choose today to email me and tell me that they've had to switch my third year project supervisor from someone i was really happy with to someone i have no clue on. I'm worried what this means for my project. On the plus side my days have been really busy due to talks from my own course and being a student coordinator, meaning i run the peer mentor scheme for my course and have spent a lot of time sorting out issues with that and helping the first years settle in. This is a job, well its unpaid but meh, its a job i really love. I do tend to thrive when i'm busy. It makes me productive. Its helped me not to die due to my insomnia because i'm too occupied to be tired. 

Apologies for my rant. Blame the insomnia. I just hope i sleep tonight. A third night of no sleep may well be the end of me. 

I promise to be happier next time! 
Becky xoxo 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How i organise my make up at uni!

Hi guys! I didn't think i'd be able to get this post up for you today. I've moved back to uni now and the internet broke on saturday, my landlord fixed it today though! Boy did i miss the internet! So today i thought i'd talk you through how i organise my make up at uni since i don't have a dressing table! 

So this is my "make shift vanity" set up on my chest of drawers. You can see all my make up, brushes, jewelry and everyday beauty products! 

The make up i use most often is kept in 8 tubs. These are actually take-away tubs i bought from a bargain store back home. I separate the make up according to product type. So in the back row from L-R are: Foundations, Primers and Concealers, Blushes, Powder and Highlighters. In the front row from L-R are: Mascaras and Eyeliners, Paint Pots and single Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, Lipglosses. My palettes i keep just to the right of these tubs. 

Behind my make up i keep my brushes in 2 little pots, organised by face and eye brushes. I also keep perfume, deoderant and hair products. 

At the back on the right hand side i have a jewelry stand i purchased from ebay. I use it to store all my earrings. Its great to have them all on display when picking which to wear! 

In the two other pots on the desk i keep my other jewelry (necklaces, rings etc) and all my hair bands and clips etc! You can also see my eyeshadow palettes better! I also have a few more perfumes, a hair brush, the products i use to remove my make up and my moisturisers (day and night.)

Hope you enjoyed my whistle stop tour of my make shift dressing table and maybe picked up some storage tips for if you don't have a dressing table!

Becky xoxo

Friday, 14 September 2012

What does it mean to be romantic?

The question is in the title. How do we define what it means to be romantic? What do we expect from a man when it comes to being romantic in a relationship and what do men think women want from them in terms of being romantic?

I personally think that, whilst i LOVE chick flicks and chick lit etc, all these things give us a jaded view of what is realistic in terms of relationship romance. But also i think it gives men a blurred idea of what it means to be romantic in a relationship.

I texted my boyfriend joking saying he should have romance on tap. He replied saying that he wasn't really a romantic kind of guy. Whilst on the surface i may have agreed with him, i don't get candle lit dinners or rose petals or any of that other crap, deep down i was quite shocked that he thought that of himself.

His definition of being romantic was "being good with words, candlelit dinners, roses and things like that." In what world do we live in where this is the norm in a relationship? To be honest if this was my life i would hate it. There is a very fine line between "soppy and disgusting" and "romantic whilst retaining your manliness." I personally think my boyfriend is the first guy i've dated that hasn't done romantic gestures that, rather than making me feel weak at the knees, just made me want to be sick.

He said he'd only bought me flowers 3 times in the nearly-2-years (eek) that we've been together. 3 times?! Does he seriously think this is bad? It makes when he does buy me flowers really really special. It means he's seen them and thought of me and decided to get me them. It means he's gone out of his way to do something that he thinks will make me happy. And to be honest this act alone makes me more happy than the flowers themselves! If i got flowers every week the novelty would wear off. Surely everyone else agrees with this?

When people say its the little things that count i really think that's true. I think all a girl wants is to feel loved and special everyday. The text 'good morning' and 'good night', the calling you 'beautiful', the hug that only he can give you, the being-happy-to-see-you. These are the things that should make romance in a relationship, not the huge gestures, and to me they do! I think its time we really appreciated the little things (cue this song playing here) and time any man thinking that being romantic consists of these huge gestures changes his tune.

Becky xoxo

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Todays post is my thoughts on the Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck' perfume. I have to admit i do like her and her music so thats the main reason i decided to investigate. The smell didn't offend me so i decided to pick it up! I got mine from my local Boots store. A small bottle (pictured above) will set you back £20- I used my boots points! And a large bottle will set you back £29. So to be honest its a pretty cheap purchase as far as perfumes go!

The packaging is lovely! It's purple themed with gold reflecks. I hope the photo i managed to get shows you pretty well how the bottle sparkles in the light! It sprays on easily etc and tick all the boxes.

The actual smell is quite a generic sweet celebrity perfume smell, it's nothing special or different. In fact it reminds me a lot of Britney Spear's Fantasy perfume- very sweet, not hugely sophisticated! I don't think its staying powers that great either.

All in all i'm a little disappointed, I wasn't blown away like i was hoping. I'd give it 2.75/5 if i had to rate it out of 5, as its a nice smell and quite budget friendly!

What perfumes do you love?

Becky xoxo

Sunday, 9 September 2012

5 Random things #1

So just a few random things that you may or may not find interesting! When i collect enough random little things together then this will become the first randoms post :D

-I'm really into the dubai 92 radio station. I quite like listening to the radio at uni sometimes cause it saves me getting to into what's playing and faffing about picking a song etc. I picked this station up when on holiday in dubai recently. Its an english station i assume aimed at english speakers living in dubai. It plays a great mix of chart and songs that come on and you go "wow i haven't heard this song in agesss." And if you're me you proceed to sing the songs badly at your boyfriend to have him half humour you, half have no clue what you're going on about. You then proceed to feel sorry that his childhood was deprived of Steal My Sunshine and other such classics (for example this one came on while i wrote this)   

-The jeans i just got from next have fake pockets! I'm so disappointed! Lesson learned to check for pockets before purchase next time! *Update* my mum just told me that some shops sew up the pockets on items so that people don't steal things in them! I just need to unpick them wohoo!!  

-i made the first 30 seconds of this song into a ringtone on my iphone using this tutorial. I have to say i'm pretty chuffed with myself :D I've always loved lisa mitchell since her song Neapolitan Dreams was used in a fabric softener advert forever ago! As soon as i heard the opening bars of Spiritus i knew i wanted it to be a ringtone! Go me for finally working out how! I now sit there willing my phone to ring so i can listen to my handiwork!

-I seem to be the only person in my family obsessed with the great british bake off! Even someone like my nan who i'd thought would love it didn't seem fussed.. am i sad or do i just have a strange family? The show reallyyy makes me want to bake! If only there were more hours in the day! 

-Lastly i went to the hairdressers last week for a cut. I also had my full fringe changed into a side fringe. I'm not sure how i like it yet- some days it goes well, others go badly! I know its all about getting used to it as i've had a full fringe all my 20 years of life! So i'm giving it a trial period and i might change it or keep it! Who knows! 

That's all for know! Hope you enjoyed my 5 random things! 
Becky xoxo 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Productivity and then some...

Now as much as i love beauty and make up etc, at the end of the day i am a student. Its the biggest way in which i identify myself, next to gender, age and relationship status. Being a student is a big part of my life, its all i've ever known. I think i'm going to feel lost without my student status next year when i graduate (if i make it to graduation alive!)

In general terms I'm not the greatest worker, i'm not the most motivated, i'm a pro at procrastination and the amount of time i just spend faffing around could win me a gold medal (Rio 2016 anyone?) But get to exam time and i transform. Give me some pressure and i flourish. I'm not a morning worker really, it takes me a while to get going- like i dont start til half 10 or 11 depending on if i have to wash my hair. But i can work solidly (except a lunch break) from then until half 11. I used to finish earlier but as my courses get more demanding i have to keep going to get as much as i can done in a day! I could easily carry on in my zone but i have it in my head about needing to go to bed. I also have a boyfriend who i live with (along with 5 other housemates) who won't go to bed until i do- i suppose this could be due to the fact that we sleep in my room- the same one i study in so i have these things to put the brakes on! At home away from uni i suck so badly at working. I associate home now with not working and my brain switches off. Theres something about the atmosphere in my house that makes productivity very hard!

Ok.. i've really digressed from what i wanted to write about! Every now and then i get in a realllyyy productive mood! Normally this is a week night and normally in the evening after dinner. I just feel this buzz and know i have to do things and do them NOW! Its a really weird feeling, i feel like i'm separate from this mood. Like a dream where you know you're dreaming but you're living it anyway! I just know that i have to 'ride out' this mood of productivity and take full advantage of it while its around. At uni theres always plenty of work to do, but work things combined with my general everyday activities like tidying, washing or organising myself for lectures the next day will also help my productivity need be satisfied.

But its currently tuesday evening (i write my posts as and when but schedule them for tuesdays and fridays!) its about 10.35pm.. and its summer but i have one of my productive moods!!! There's absolutely NOTHING i can think of to do here thats going to satisfy my mood. I move back to university in 3 days but packing i know will not do it! It needs to be things that i can rush around doing, feel the buzz... argh its so infuriating!! what a waste of a productive mood!!! It it were only 2 weeks later i might have things to do!

So instead i sit here and bore you guys with my weird mood! Does anyone else ever get it or anything like it? Maybe its my mind being ready to go back to uni and be in that environment and frame of mind again. If thats the case i really hope so as i've not been wanting to go back really.

Anyways if you've got to the end of this post congratulations. Have another virtual cookie and a pat on the head :D

Becky xoxo

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

FOTD- The easy face

I've been inspired by Viviannadoesmakeup lately and how minimal her make up is. I'm always amazed how she manages to look incredible with just 5 products! Most recently i loved how she looked here. So i decided to cut my make up down and try to go au natural. For my first attempt this is what i felt comfortable in... 

Now i'm aware this is still quite a few different products but we have to start with baby steps- the next day i even managed to just do concealer and eye make up!! 

(Excuse the scary face- only one that showcased the blush at all etc!) 

All it took was a tad of the Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer over a few areas of my face, a light dusting of MAC mineralise skin finish natural to set, a dusting of NARS deep throat blush and that was my face done. For concealer i used the Benefit lemon aid on my top eyelid, some Bobbi Brown corrector under the eyes, followed by some Laura Mercier secret concealer on top. For the eyes all i did was a thin line of NYX's super skinny eye marker on the top lashline, some MaxFactor false lasheffect mascara and then a line of Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in perversion on my water line! 

I happily went about my day like this and went for a family dinner without any extra or touch ups! I'm quite proud! We'll see if this continues or is as easy once i'm back at uni! 

Becky xoxo

Monday, 3 September 2012

Beauty vs Brains TAG!

This is a tag i've seen go around on youtube a little so i thought thats what i'd do since i'm missing fridays more chatty post! Sorry for the lateness! 

Favourite book?

Erm.. oh i love jodi picoult books! I think my favourite one is called nineteen minutes but i also really loved change of heart and picture perfect! I also love books by Sophie Kinsella and Sara Manning!

Favourite quotations?

I've never really had a favourite quote..I suppose i'll have a little think and might update this.

English or maths?

Well i struggled my way through English GCSES- i came out with an A* and an A but I put it all down to having an amazing but scary teacher! I liked maths GCSE but to say i was shite at A level maths is an understatement. So i don't really like either but i suppose i'd pick maths.

Science or art?

Science science science!!! Except physics.. or biology biology biology!! Half of my degree is neuroscience, but i've done a lot of more general biology within that. I do like it a lot! I've done a lot of fun things in the name of science, like take laughing gas and being in a room with dead bodies and looking at human and rat brain slices and all that fun stuff!

Name 5 albums or musical artists that changed your life.

Well no-one's really changed my life but they've given me relatable lyrics or fun gigs or i just really like them...

-Taylor Swift
-Plans by Death Cab for Cutie
-Colbie Caillat
-Michelle Branch
-Ocean Eyes-Owl city
-A fine frenzy

Yeh i cant pick 5...But if you want to know my favourite song, i have 2! Soul meets body-Death cab for cutie and Sweet Disposition- Temper Trap.

Favourite and least favourite subject at school

Favourite= Biology and psychology and business studies
Least favourite= Physics or geography

Favourite celebrity with a brain.
Richard Osman-though technically everyone has a brain... 

If you could study anything anywhere, what would it be? 

I'd like to try a few different things! Sometimes i really regret not persuing business- specifically HR so i might apply for a masters in that! I'd also love a go at studying make up artistry or cosmetic science would be fun! Umm..  i'd love to study in the US but i'm happy in England to be honest! 

What is your 'nerdy little secret'? 

I don't really have one... probably that a lot of the time i don't actually know that much.. A lot of the time i learn for exams and forget all the little details straight after.

Favourite beauty gurus who you admire for more than their love for beauty/fashion 

Viviannadoesmakeup because she had the initiative and drive to go after her dream job and eventually got it! 
Sprinkleofglitter because i think shes an amazing mum, did a similar degree to me and is a happy and positive influence! 

If your channel/blog couldn't focus on beauty or fashion, what would it be? 

Probably some rambles about life and maybe science or psychology. Probably tales of getting let out by faculties when you do a joint degree. Eg in freshers week of my first year we were given the wrong timetable and ended up sat very scared in a 2nd year nursing talk, not a first year psychology one. 

Name some things that you're obsessed with that other people would find strange or geeky.

I'm fussy with which foods can touch and what can't. Umm i love to "clear things out." At my old job as a counter assistant in a pharmacy there was nothing better than the get the mr sheen and get the dust off of all the shelves! I also actually reallyyyy enjoy paperwork! 

Name 5 people (excluding friends or family) who inspire you. 

-Anyone who's brave enough to blog- no matter how many followers you have!  
-The olympics and paraolympics are really inspiring! Anyone involved in that is amazing! 
- I'm actually really interested in weddings/ wedding planning so i like the bridedeforce blog and youtube channel. If you pinterest weddings or updos for hair.. i could look at them for hours! 
-People i watch on youtube who help fuel my love for beauty and give me endless entertainment! 
- Anyone who reads my blog :D 

Who is your intellectual soul mate? 

I have no clue... thats a little creepy.. I'll skip this one :P 

Well thats the tag! Feel free to do it yourself :D New beauty post tomorrow! Yay!
Becky xoxo