Monday, 10 December 2012

7 happy things in 7 days

1.) Catching up with lovely friends from my course- with module choices and industrial placements i don't see them very often.
2.) Meeting baby Rosie- the newest addition to my family! She gorgeous!
3.) Spending quality time with my parents- doesn't happen all that often nowadays!
4.) Strictly Come Dancing- enough said!
5.) Christmas markets!
6.) Going out for dinner and cocktails with my 7 housemates (well 6 housemates and the honorary one!)
7.) Honorary housemate (housemate number 4's boyfriend!) giving us house xmas presents to say thanks for letting him come over so often (posters for our kitchen, we're having a boys vs girls war)- he's a really lovely guy and he gets along with all of us and to be honest its not like we just let him come over, he's truly welcome whenever he wants and it often feels like someone's missing if he's not there!

Those are my happy things! It's been a really good long weekend for me! I'm so happy and feeling so blessed right now :D
Becky xoxo


  1. I love Christmas markets! I went to one in Brighton at the weekend, it was brilliant! It put me in a Christmassy mood xx

  2. this is so sweet!

    from: would you like to follow each other?
    have a nice day! xx