Sunday, 9 December 2012

The calm before the storm...

This weekend i took a break. I came home on friday and have had the most lovely of long weekends. What makes it really special is that i've done lots with my time and seen lots of people but i still feel really rested.

I have an awful exam timetable this January, they're my third year final exams which count the most towards my degree and i don't even have 24 hours between some of them! But I'm ready to head back up North from my lovely southern home and get revising (I say that but give it 2 days and i'll already be going insane-imagine how i'll be after 7 weeks!!)
Heres what i've done with my time:

Friday I had my weekly psychology classes with my lovely friend Sophie- she's so unique and lovely and unlike any other friend i have so its so lovely and refreshing to spend time with someone like her! We went our separate ways at the station and i met up with my friend Hannah who's on an industrial placement this year and my other friend Clare came along too! So nice to see those girls and catch up :D Then i got a train home. 3 hours and 11 minutes is a long time and the bum got very numb to say the least! Coming home is always such a comfort and I don't realise how much i miss my parents until i see them! I'm so lucky to have them and since i've been away at uni our relationship is so much more friendly, fun and supportive of each other! It was also so nice to sleep in my own bed!

Saturday mum and I got up and drove over to one of my cousin's house. His lovely wife gave birth 2 weeks ago, the first baby to be born into my family since me 20 years ago! Though he was at work Becky (his wife) is such a part of the family that it was so nice to see her! I got to meet the newest addition to the family, Rosie, a beautiful baby girl. I had a nice cuddle with her. She's just perfect and gorgeous in every way (she's not even one of those babies thats ugly and you say they're gorgeous cause you love them- she is just stunning!) Becky's such a lovely natural mum and it was such a treat to get to meet the newborn! Next we returned home to put the xmas decs up! I've been away at uni the past years this has been done so it's such a treat to be here for it this year! Later my other cousin and her husband came over and we had a catch up and all went for an Indian yum yum!

Today (sunday) my parents and I went to Winchester xmas markets, a train ride away from me. I loved that i got to spend some quality time with them today as normally i leave to go back north on Sundays. I got some xmas pressies for family! We've come back home and caught up with Strictly Come Dancing- a show I LOVE! I spend every saturday singing the theme tune now stop in anticipation for the live show later!

Tomorrow i'll have to pack, head to the station and spend 3 and a half hours on the train again. I'll be so sad to leave and i know i'll get home sick again but it'll be nice to see my boyfriend again. Monday evening is my house xmas dinner so it'll be great to go out and have some nice food and cocktails to help me settle back up north!

So thats my amazing weekend- practically perfect if you ask me! Proper family time :D
What have you lovelies done this weekend?
Becky xoxo

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