Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Studying... and the next step

Yup, this is pretty much me right now. I've spent a lot of the past month plus studying all day everyday and i've just lost the will. I've come back to uni in a bid to do even more work but its just gone the complete opposite way. My exams start a week later than everyone else so maybe once it gets a bit closer i'll get "exam fear" and then crack on again. I think i peaked too early but this is that LAST ever crazy exam period, summer ones are always much more spread out! But all I can think of at the moment is I CAN'T WAIT TO GRADUATE!!

I can't wait to leave and find something new that I love! I can't wait to work 9-5 and have evenings and weekends back. Though for something i love i know i'd be willing to work on it all the time. My work as a Student Coordinator gets my full attention anytime of day or night whenever it needs it because i enjoy it. At the moment I'm looking in to market research jobs (SO exciting when you finally find something you can get behind and put all your energies into!) I've found a place that I really want to apply to and they take applications all year round so I can relax, focus on exams and send them a really good application and see what happens!

But first, bedtime so that i can get up and get going tomorrow!
Good luck to anyone else taking exams at the moment! I'm thinking of you :)
Becky xx


  1. That sounds really hectic, good luck for your exams! xx

  2. I totally get where you are coming from with exams its so stressful more then ever at uni for me aswell ahhhh!! good with all your exams :)

    Love Emily xx

  3. Good luck in your exams! This is what I am like too haha, I really can't be bothered but it's got to be done. And thank you for asking about my uni interview - it went far better than I thought, I got my offer right at the interview. I've put a section about it in my new blog, hehe. :)

  4. Sorry I have commented here before hahaha... oh well. Thanks though! I love strong bold colours - just need to save up enough for all the mac products i want! and yees! I designed my own, and a couple other peoples like and I have started charging though like I am currently in the process of doing 2 peoples for a fee, it's not big though - as it uses quite a bit of my time up etc so not to sound rude or anything asking formoney haha (i always feel bad saying this) but yeahh. if you're still interested :) xx

  5. Again commenting.. hahaha! I've launched a page on my site dedicated to it. Just visit my blog and click the link 'Blog designs' :) Just tweet me if you have any Q's! xxxx

  6. good luck! would you like to follow each other? let me know!