Thursday, 31 January 2013

V05 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder review

I'm hair-cut-aphobic. (and i know i'm not the only one)

So about 18 months ago i had a horrific haircut. The word "choppy" was thrown about a bit and i left with barely anything to put up in a ponytail and really really short layers where she decided my hair was too thick. Yes I cried. A lot. Since then my hair has never been the same, it feels like i have a whole lot less of it!

Recently my hairs got really long and i think it might be weighed down by itself. Therefore I've been on the look out for something to give my hair some more oomph. After loving the V05 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme i thought i'd give this a try and see what i thought.

Its basically a white powder that you shake into your hair, give it a little tousle and its supposed to give some volume and texture to the hair. To cut a long story short, this product is awful.

The Pro's: 
-The price- Boots have it priced at £4.07 but i got mine cheaper from Asda. I bet this would last someone a long time. 
-The packaging- I love the pink packaging and the different ranges from this line. 
-The scent- I think all the products in the pink packaging have the same scent, i like it a lot less in this powder form but the Frizz Free Creme smells divine. 

The Con's: 
-The product. Yup, the bit you're actually paying for is awful. This powder is gritty and you can really feel it in your hair, making it impossible to brush out or work with afterwards. It provides some volume but this quickly falls away. It sits in your hair so much that i would never ever use this product again. I really really hated it. 
-The instructions. The packaging says they've left extra room for you to shake it up before use. DO NOT do this! All it does is get the product all over the little parts of the lid and it goes everywhere when you try to open it. 

The good news is that i think i've found a product that does the job i'm looking for! I used it for the first time today so want to try it out a bit more when my hair doesn't get ruined by the wind the second i walk out the door. Watch this space. 

Also i'm getting my hair cut for the first time at a new place in Manchester tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK!!! I'm slightly bricking it! 

Becky xx 

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  1. I tried this a little while back and found i was using it throughout the day to maintain a volumised look... But the mre i used throughout the day, the more my hair started to look tatty. :(

    Shame cos i was really looking forward to using a product that said it would give extra oomph.

    Your latest follower, Lauren x