Friday, 21 September 2012

Freshers as a third year

Oh god i'm a third year. When did this happen? I'm so old... 

Freshers as a first year was pretty incredible. I went out quite a lot despite 9am starts the next day. I met new people, i went to new clubs, i moved to a new city 3 1/2 hours away from home. Yes it was scary but it was so exciting. I never wanted to miss out on anything. 

Freshers as a second year was different. I had my friends, I moved into a student house, i went out a few times, i went back and forth between domino's stands at the freshers fair getting free pizza for lunch. Life was quite nice. 

Freshers as a third year.. God i'm fed up. I'm fed up of the people handing flyers out- JUST LET ME WALK DOWN THE ROAD IN PEACE!! I want a sign that says "i'm a third year. Go away." I never made it to the freshers fair- which only lasted 2 days this year. I've gone out once so far and really didn't like it. I've never seen a club more cramped. No matter how much i drank as soon as i stepped on the dance floor all my efforts went into avoiding being pushed over and staying upright that i sobered up so quickly. I've also got no time for people who go to clubs to get with other people. I've got no desire to ever be part of that part of clubbing culture (good job i'm not single really.) I've also been having a bout of insomnia, leaving me grumpy and quite frankly knackered. My room's a mess which makes me more grumpy but i don't seem to have the time or effort to tidy. I've had clashes with my course modules so can't do all the ones i want to, and the department choose today to email me and tell me that they've had to switch my third year project supervisor from someone i was really happy with to someone i have no clue on. I'm worried what this means for my project. On the plus side my days have been really busy due to talks from my own course and being a student coordinator, meaning i run the peer mentor scheme for my course and have spent a lot of time sorting out issues with that and helping the first years settle in. This is a job, well its unpaid but meh, its a job i really love. I do tend to thrive when i'm busy. It makes me productive. Its helped me not to die due to my insomnia because i'm too occupied to be tired. 

Apologies for my rant. Blame the insomnia. I just hope i sleep tonight. A third night of no sleep may well be the end of me. 

I promise to be happier next time! 
Becky xoxo 


  1. haha! i'm exactly the same! so old though? that means i'm old too :( i dont like that!!

    I feel like i had a mini rant along with you as i read this post haha :) made me chuckle.


    1. Haha i felt old because i wasn't feeling enthusiastic about freshers! Apologies- i was very grumpy and tired when i wrote this! Though to be honest i still feel the same about it all!
      Becky xx

  2. Hi Becky!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Oh gosh ... it's been a while since I was a student (4 years - eep!) But, I can remember our freshers weeks and damn ... by my 4th year I was well over it!

    Best of luck and hope things get better! I'm sharing the love and am a new follower!

    Happy Monday!