Sunday, 30 September 2012

Where have i been/ where am i going?

So i had my first week back of lectures at uni this week. I'm kind of overwhelmed with the whole "third year" thing at the moment! I can't wait to graduate but first i have to get through this year!

I normally post on tuesday and fridays! I had the long over due Liebster blog award post due for this friday but i wasn't finished/ happy with it so took it off the schedule leaving me with no friday blog post! :-( I'm sorry!

I also have found it hard finding the time to dedicate to blogging at the moment! This friday alone i had 9-5 straight in uni with no gaps! It was a crazy day! Plus i've been spending time with my boyfriends family as they've travelled up here this weekend to spend time with family before his brother goes off to Afghanistan (he's in the army btw!) And now to top it all off i feel really ill in a strange way that i've never felt before so not sure where its come from or how to treat it!

So i've been super busy with uni and trying to adapt to a new schedule and new demands- i have so much more self-motivated studying to do this year. I also find it hard to find decent lighting for photos here. It rains a lot here and its getting darker as winter draws closer and i have a skylight window in my room which isnt as good for photos as my window at home is!

I know this sounds like a lot of excuses and i really don't want to stop blogging but for now you might just have to bear with me as i try to adapt and manage my time! I love blogging and its still a priority but i might not be posting as often/ to a schedule for a bit if thats ok!

Hope everyone is doing well! Let me know if you're struggling with a new school year or anything! I'd love to hear from you all :D

Much love
Becky xxx

p.s i do have photos for a haul and for a lipstick post so keep your eyes peeled but when i'll get round to writing them who knows!!

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