Friday, 7 September 2012

Productivity and then some...

Now as much as i love beauty and make up etc, at the end of the day i am a student. Its the biggest way in which i identify myself, next to gender, age and relationship status. Being a student is a big part of my life, its all i've ever known. I think i'm going to feel lost without my student status next year when i graduate (if i make it to graduation alive!)

In general terms I'm not the greatest worker, i'm not the most motivated, i'm a pro at procrastination and the amount of time i just spend faffing around could win me a gold medal (Rio 2016 anyone?) But get to exam time and i transform. Give me some pressure and i flourish. I'm not a morning worker really, it takes me a while to get going- like i dont start til half 10 or 11 depending on if i have to wash my hair. But i can work solidly (except a lunch break) from then until half 11. I used to finish earlier but as my courses get more demanding i have to keep going to get as much as i can done in a day! I could easily carry on in my zone but i have it in my head about needing to go to bed. I also have a boyfriend who i live with (along with 5 other housemates) who won't go to bed until i do- i suppose this could be due to the fact that we sleep in my room- the same one i study in so i have these things to put the brakes on! At home away from uni i suck so badly at working. I associate home now with not working and my brain switches off. Theres something about the atmosphere in my house that makes productivity very hard!

Ok.. i've really digressed from what i wanted to write about! Every now and then i get in a realllyyy productive mood! Normally this is a week night and normally in the evening after dinner. I just feel this buzz and know i have to do things and do them NOW! Its a really weird feeling, i feel like i'm separate from this mood. Like a dream where you know you're dreaming but you're living it anyway! I just know that i have to 'ride out' this mood of productivity and take full advantage of it while its around. At uni theres always plenty of work to do, but work things combined with my general everyday activities like tidying, washing or organising myself for lectures the next day will also help my productivity need be satisfied.

But its currently tuesday evening (i write my posts as and when but schedule them for tuesdays and fridays!) its about 10.35pm.. and its summer but i have one of my productive moods!!! There's absolutely NOTHING i can think of to do here thats going to satisfy my mood. I move back to university in 3 days but packing i know will not do it! It needs to be things that i can rush around doing, feel the buzz... argh its so infuriating!! what a waste of a productive mood!!! It it were only 2 weeks later i might have things to do!

So instead i sit here and bore you guys with my weird mood! Does anyone else ever get it or anything like it? Maybe its my mind being ready to go back to uni and be in that environment and frame of mind again. If thats the case i really hope so as i've not been wanting to go back really.

Anyways if you've got to the end of this post congratulations. Have another virtual cookie and a pat on the head :D

Becky xoxo


  1. Tarr for the virtual cookie! This post is me all over though! i'm dreading having to go back to uni and kicking my brain back into gear! Best of luck though for the upcoming year at uni :)!


    1. I'm moving back today :( I think my dad might have to drag me kicking and screaming into the car. I love summer too much! I have a while before uni starts again but it makes the most sense for me to move back today!
      Good luck to you too- i'm sure we'll be fine :D I love your blog too by the way!
      Becky xx

  2. Just so you know, i'm interested in your blog so i nominated you for the Liebster Award tag! :) If you are interested in doing it please read my blogpost about it :)


  3. I know exactly what you mean about having a productive buzz! I can be pretty lazy so I try to make the most out of those moods, but unfortunately they often seem to strike at the most ridiculous hours of the night for me!


  4. Hello, how are you? Great blog, I'm a new follower, would you like to follow each other?