Monday, 3 September 2012

Beauty vs Brains TAG!

This is a tag i've seen go around on youtube a little so i thought thats what i'd do since i'm missing fridays more chatty post! Sorry for the lateness! 

Favourite book?

Erm.. oh i love jodi picoult books! I think my favourite one is called nineteen minutes but i also really loved change of heart and picture perfect! I also love books by Sophie Kinsella and Sara Manning!

Favourite quotations?

I've never really had a favourite quote..I suppose i'll have a little think and might update this.

English or maths?

Well i struggled my way through English GCSES- i came out with an A* and an A but I put it all down to having an amazing but scary teacher! I liked maths GCSE but to say i was shite at A level maths is an understatement. So i don't really like either but i suppose i'd pick maths.

Science or art?

Science science science!!! Except physics.. or biology biology biology!! Half of my degree is neuroscience, but i've done a lot of more general biology within that. I do like it a lot! I've done a lot of fun things in the name of science, like take laughing gas and being in a room with dead bodies and looking at human and rat brain slices and all that fun stuff!

Name 5 albums or musical artists that changed your life.

Well no-one's really changed my life but they've given me relatable lyrics or fun gigs or i just really like them...

-Taylor Swift
-Plans by Death Cab for Cutie
-Colbie Caillat
-Michelle Branch
-Ocean Eyes-Owl city
-A fine frenzy

Yeh i cant pick 5...But if you want to know my favourite song, i have 2! Soul meets body-Death cab for cutie and Sweet Disposition- Temper Trap.

Favourite and least favourite subject at school

Favourite= Biology and psychology and business studies
Least favourite= Physics or geography

Favourite celebrity with a brain.
Richard Osman-though technically everyone has a brain... 

If you could study anything anywhere, what would it be? 

I'd like to try a few different things! Sometimes i really regret not persuing business- specifically HR so i might apply for a masters in that! I'd also love a go at studying make up artistry or cosmetic science would be fun! Umm..  i'd love to study in the US but i'm happy in England to be honest! 

What is your 'nerdy little secret'? 

I don't really have one... probably that a lot of the time i don't actually know that much.. A lot of the time i learn for exams and forget all the little details straight after.

Favourite beauty gurus who you admire for more than their love for beauty/fashion 

Viviannadoesmakeup because she had the initiative and drive to go after her dream job and eventually got it! 
Sprinkleofglitter because i think shes an amazing mum, did a similar degree to me and is a happy and positive influence! 

If your channel/blog couldn't focus on beauty or fashion, what would it be? 

Probably some rambles about life and maybe science or psychology. Probably tales of getting let out by faculties when you do a joint degree. Eg in freshers week of my first year we were given the wrong timetable and ended up sat very scared in a 2nd year nursing talk, not a first year psychology one. 

Name some things that you're obsessed with that other people would find strange or geeky.

I'm fussy with which foods can touch and what can't. Umm i love to "clear things out." At my old job as a counter assistant in a pharmacy there was nothing better than the get the mr sheen and get the dust off of all the shelves! I also actually reallyyyy enjoy paperwork! 

Name 5 people (excluding friends or family) who inspire you. 

-Anyone who's brave enough to blog- no matter how many followers you have!  
-The olympics and paraolympics are really inspiring! Anyone involved in that is amazing! 
- I'm actually really interested in weddings/ wedding planning so i like the bridedeforce blog and youtube channel. If you pinterest weddings or updos for hair.. i could look at them for hours! 
-People i watch on youtube who help fuel my love for beauty and give me endless entertainment! 
- Anyone who reads my blog :D 

Who is your intellectual soul mate? 

I have no clue... thats a little creepy.. I'll skip this one :P 

Well thats the tag! Feel free to do it yourself :D New beauty post tomorrow! Yay!
Becky xoxo


  1. Cool post! Is great t know you a bit better :D

    1. Thanks i worry with talky posts that no one wants to read them!
      Becky xoxo

  2. Nice blog Becky!

    Love from Barcelona!