Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Todays post is my thoughts on the Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck' perfume. I have to admit i do like her and her music so thats the main reason i decided to investigate. The smell didn't offend me so i decided to pick it up! I got mine from my local Boots store. A small bottle (pictured above) will set you back £20- I used my boots points! And a large bottle will set you back £29. So to be honest its a pretty cheap purchase as far as perfumes go!

The packaging is lovely! It's purple themed with gold reflecks. I hope the photo i managed to get shows you pretty well how the bottle sparkles in the light! It sprays on easily etc and tick all the boxes.

The actual smell is quite a generic sweet celebrity perfume smell, it's nothing special or different. In fact it reminds me a lot of Britney Spear's Fantasy perfume- very sweet, not hugely sophisticated! I don't think its staying powers that great either.

All in all i'm a little disappointed, I wasn't blown away like i was hoping. I'd give it 2.75/5 if i had to rate it out of 5, as its a nice smell and quite budget friendly!

What perfumes do you love?

Becky xoxo


  1. i'm not big on celebrity perfumes as i find the same thing although lady gaga's black perfume is really intriguing to me so i may have to step away from the stereotype and go for it!
    anyway, you have a great blog.
    i hope you'll come and say hi, it'd be lovely to 'meet' you :)
    your newest follower,
    laura xx

    1. Such a lovely comment! Thank you :) I know- i should learn my lesson dammit! i swear every celeb has a fragrance now!
      Cant wait to check out your blog xx