Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My newest skincare love! The No. 7 Beautiful Skin Range!

I've stuck with my Simple moisturiser for so long now (pictured above) and i've never had any problems. The main thing i look for in the skincare products i use is whether they'll break me out or not! But when No. 7 skin care was 3 for 2 a few weeks ago i decided to give something new a go. I purchased some more of the Cleansing Water which i love, along with the day and night creams from the 'Beautiful Skin' range. The Beautiful Skin range has 3 lines which between them cover all skin types from dry to oily! My ones are aimed at those with normal to oily skin which is me all over. 

First of all i have to say, the difference these have made to my skin is amazing! They don't make my skin break out any more than normal, nor do they clear it up (but i don't have huge spot problems anyways so all's good as long as that stays the same!) But what they do do is make my skin almost glow and look better and more healthy than it has done ever! I now find myself reaching for more light weight foundations and glowy finishes!

They have the same scent as the cleansing water, just a very clean non-offensive scent that i don't mind having on my face! I thought i'd find it too much of a faff to use 2 separate moisturisers but its made me see the importance of moisturising your skin in the right way! 

(L:Day cream, R: Night cream)

When i first opened the tubs i thought they were the wrong way round! The day cream appears to be really thick, with the night cream appearing thinner. But it means i use less day cream and so it sinks in faster meaning i'm able to put make up on faster after application. Its also really nice to put a good helping of the night cream on without feeling like i'm drowning in cream! My night cream is definitely running out faster than the day one but i can see each pot lasting me a good few months at least!     

All in all i really rate these creams and will definitely be repurchasing. They can seem pricey at £12.50 for the day cream (50ml) and £13.50 for the night cream (50ml) but play your cards right and you can get them on 3 for 2 or boots are always doing £5 No 7 vouchers! 

What do you think of No 7 products? Have you tried any of their skin care? 

Becky xoxo 


  1. these look amazing! it's definitely worth a try, just hope it will work well with my skin because mine is really sensitive. thanks alot for sharing :)

  2. I see these all the time at the drugstore, and I have definitely been looking for a new face cream. Will definitely give these a try. Great post :)
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